PTV Group delivers real-time data analytics to improve traffic in the Paris metropolitan area


The Paris region highway authority has adopted PTV technology to enhance traffic management on one of Europe’s busiest networks following a public invitation to tender. The aim of the contract is to supply real-time speed data derived from the GPS location of vehicles travelling on the road network managed by DiRIF (Direction des Routes d’Île-de-France), as well as on certain sections of the Île-de-France region’s main road network. The data provided complements and enriches the traffic data available to DiRIF, based on their own detectors.

The Paris metropolitan area encompasses a vast highway network spanning 1,300 km, used by more than 4 million travelers in average every day, presenting numerous bottlenecks and traffic challenges. To address these issues and provide traffic information to road users, DiRIF offers the online platform In order to further improve the quality of their traffic information and effectively monitor the main road network, DiRIF trusts in real-time data analytics powered by PTV technology. By leveraging floating car data (FCD) sourced from TomTom, PTV’s real-time software generates highly accurate real-time information in a four-step process that seamlessly integrates with DiRIF’s traffic platform, Sytadin.

The comprehensive solution significantly enhances the reliability of live traffic updates, allowing DiRIF to inform road users about current traffic conditions, congestion, and road closures across the entire metropolitan Paris region. This is especially important in light of upcoming major international events such as the 2023 Rugby World Cup and 2024 Olympics. With millions of visitors expected, efficient traffic management is indispensable, and PTV’s solution equips DiRIF with the tools to handle the increased demands on the road network effectively.

“Every day, 100,000 people rely on the sytadin portal to obtain accurate traffic information. We are thrilled to support DiRIF and to contribute to the safety of travelers and enable them have a more serene journey. Precise data not only reduces delays and enhances safety but also improves the overall efficiency of the transportation system,” stated Frédéric Reutenauer, Vice President Southern Europe at PTV Group – part of Umovity.

The real-time data analytics solution provided to DiRIF is part of PTV’s real-time portfolio which also includes PTV Flows, a cost-effective and hassle-free SaaS-Tool for real-time traffic management that was recently released.