Public transport planning simplified with new web-based tool


PTV Group, the market leader for mobility software, launches a new web-based tool for public transport service planning. PTV Lines empowers planners and operators to shape new and existing public transport lines, without requiring expert knowledge in complex planning software.

PTV Lines enables planners to quickly test different ideas and new measures in the public transport service planning, and to immediately understand the effects of changes of the infrastructure. PTV Lines fits countless use cases: From improving timetables, and detours during major events and construction works, to estimating operational costs of different scenarios. The intuitive usability makes it easy to set up and edit stops, line routes and timetables. With just a few clicks, users can model different infrastructure systems, evaluate numerous planning scenarios, and compare operational costs and KPIs. Planners using the new data-driven and cloud-based tool can visualize ideas quickly and share results with their stakeholders. Digitized results from PTV Lines can also be exported and fed into other systems for further public transport planning processes.

“PTV Lines is intuitive and easy-to-use. It’s a lightweight tool which will be a major component in the daily work of public transport service planners, many of whom still rely on pen & paper or Excel sheets, said Christian U. Haas, CEO of PTV Group. “Our latest data-driven SaaS product not only digitizes planning processes, but also accelerates productivity, reduces errors, and increases collaboration across teams to reach the right decisions. This becomes particularly interesting when PTV Lines is used as a starting point in the early phase of service planning and the results are verified by the next team in a deeper analysis in other tools such as PTV Visum.”

PTV Group plans to expand the functionalities of PTV Lines in the coming months, including the addition of accessibility and demand analyses.