Quest Software Launches Data Empowerment Platform & Virtual Summit


Quest Software, a global systems management, data protection and security software provider, today launched a new Data Empowerment Platform, comprised of best-of-breed solutions for Data Operations, Data Protection and Data Governance. In addition, Quest announced the dates of its inaugural Data Empowerment Summit, May 18-20.

Modern enterprises can’t choose between guardrails and growth – they have to employ both defensive and offensive data strategies, meaning they have to empower enterprise stakeholders to use data assets operationally and strategically. With the Data Empowerment Platform, and the provided education via insightful expert sessions at the Data Empowerment Summit, Quest is investing in and is committed to enabling organizations to leverage their data intelligence to compete in today’s data-driven world.

Without intelligence, data is simply data. Therefore, data intelligence is the foundation for understanding what data enterprises have, where it’s located, where it originated and how it’s transformed, the insights it provides, if it’s sensitive or associated with any risks, and how and by whom it can be used. Quest Software’s first Data Empowerment Summit, a free and virtual event, will bring together a global community of industry leaders, Quest solutions experts and customers to dive into the value of data and the connections between data availability, collaboration, literacy and accountability to better drive business outcomes from data directed decisions.

“Few enterprises are truly data-driven because of the silos that exist between IT and the rest of the business, hindering the ability to find, understand and use relevant data assets to drive digital transformation, cloud migration and other strategic initiatives,” said Heath Thompson, President and General Manager of Information and Systems Management at Quest Software. “Our vision is to empower enterprise stakeholders – both inside and outside IT – with the data intelligence they need to mitigate risk and unleash more data potential and value. That knowledge comes from connecting and collaborating around data operations, data protection and data governance for greater data availability, literacy and accountability.”

According to Stewart Bond, IDC Research Director, Data Integration and Intelligence Software, “As responsibility for the enterprise data stack shifts to the CDO, greater collaboration and alignment is required between the data disciplines: protection, operations and governance. Without harmonization, organizations are vulnerable to internal and external threats and are making decisions based on inaccurate, incomplete, and unreconciled data. Quest’s new Data Empowerment vision and solutions deliver intelligence about both data and data systems, so that enterprise stakeholders both inside and outside IT are empowered to accomplish the desired operational and strategic outcomes.”

The Quest Data Empowerment Platform is designed to help global enterprises bridge the gaps between their data infrastructure, security, and governance initiatives to empower CDOs, CIOs, CTOs, CISOs and other data-centric executives to mitigate risk and unleash more value. It includes best-of-breed solutions in three distinct but interdependent pillars. They include the following and can be deployed anywhere to harness data from any source to empower enterprise stakeholders to carry out their day-to-day responsibilities in being more innovative, competitive and customer-centric.


The Data Operations pillar enables organizations to create and maximize value from their data assets and the supporting infrastructure with data intelligence. It includes solutions such as Toad, ApexSQL, Foglight, Spotlight Cloud, erwin Data Modeler, Toad Data Point, and SharePlex for:


  • Database Development and Management
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Systems Performance Monitoring and Optimization
  • SQL Optimization
  • Data Preparation


The Data Protection pillar helps organizations ensure data availability, meet data privacy requirements, and secure devices that transmit data or secure network-connected devices. This encompasses KACE, QoreStor, NetVault, Rapid Recovery, LiteSpeed, and ApexSQL solutions as well as Toad Sensitive Data Protection products for:


  • Data Security and Endpoint Management
  • Data Availability
  • Data Compliance
  • Data Compression
  • Data Backup/Recovery/Restoration


The Data Governance pillar supports organizations in establishing a sound yet flexible framework for awareness of and access to available data assets, guidance on their use, and guardrails to ensure data policies and best practices are followed. Solutions within this include the erwin Data Intelligence and erwin Evolve products for:


  • Data Cataloging
  • Data Literacy
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Process Modeling and Analysis


“Over the next several months, we will showcase the power of the Quest Data Empowerment Platform in new product innovation and deeper integrations between our Data Operations, Data Protection and Data Governance solutions,” added Thompson. “We are excited about this new strategic direction and believe it will deliver strong value for our global customers as they further their data-centric transformation projects.”

For more information on Quest Software’s Data Empowerment Summit, which includes sessions that will cover the latest trends, best practices and technologies to align these critical pillars, you can learn more about the agenda and register here.