Rack Collapse Prevention’s Safety System Reduces Risk


A unique UK designed racking safety system, developed by Rack Collapse Prevention, is helping to reduce both injury and financial loss for businesses in the UK, Ireland and across Europe.

With over 30 years food and storage industry experience Rack Collapse Prevention is working with a growing number of companies to remove the dangers of pallet racking failure. Able to be fitted in all environments of ambient, chilled and frozen, the safety system is installed in numerous UK and European warehouses and storage facilities.

Proven in real world racking impact events, Rack Collapse Prevention’s safety system is designed specifically for facilities where pallet racking is used.

Company Founder Craig Attwell commented: “Our safety system is highly durable and unlike other safety systems supports from the top instead of reinforcing from the bottom, meaning in a collision event the racking structure remains standing and stable, protecting staff, stock and removing the potential for significant business disruption.”

Incidents, where Rack Collapse Prevention has been installed, include the complete destruction and loss of rack-leg floor contact in a store where personnel were working at the time. Without Rack Collapse Prevention the racking would have collapsed, and in doing so, potentially created a domino effect on adjacent racking.

Said Craig: “When informed of any incident we attend and inspect the damaged racking, as well as all adjacent restraints. Once fully checked and the damaged racking confirmed as secure, the business can then relocate affected stock quickly and safely and continue operating as normal with minimal disruption.”