Ransomware rises but schools are better prepared

Our 2022 ransomware report documented 64 publicly reported ransomware attacks against the education sector, representing a massive 48.8% increase over 2021. This alarming increase saw the education sector move from second place in 2021 to first place in 2022, ranking above both government and healthcare, two of the other most highly targeted sectors.

While the use of firewalls, Antivirus and 2FA may make the schools feel better protected against ransomware, none of these legacy approaches mitigate the risk of data exfiltration. Data held by schools is often sensitive in nature and as such it is very appealing to criminal gangs who rely on it for extortion. With data exfiltration occurring in 89% of publicised ransomware attacks last year, schools must make an investment in next generation cybersecurity tools that prevent data exfiltration to really stay ahead of cybercriminals.


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