Renovotec ‘warehouse walkthrough’ service combats industry staff shortages


Supply chain technology consultant Renovotec is introducing a ‘warehouse walkthrough’ service designed to combat industry staff shortages and boost operational productivity. The new service, which is free pinpoints critical areas for technology intervention to achieve major staff reductions in warehousing and logistics operations say Renovotec: when deployed, warehouse walkthrough recommendations can reduce staffing levels by 30%, with no reduction in service; cut warehouse operatives’ walking time by 50%; and increase their picking speed and accuracy by 35% according to Renovotec industry feedback.

Depending on the warehouse staff reduction and performance improvement needs of each company the technologies deployed following a warehouse walkthrough can include voice picking, robotics and other forms of warehouse automation. When selected, technologies are always closely aligned with the warehouse processes they drive according to Renovotec, whose in-depth knowledge of warehouse workflows is central to its consulting methodology.

“Our warehouse walkthrough service is designed to solve the current staffing problems faced by the industry. It is free, and timely, and we encourage supply chain companies to take advantage of it” says Renovotec CEO Richard Gilliard.