Retail footfall rises, but uncertainties aren’t gone yet


As more people return to offices, city centres and high streets are seeing a significant and much needed boost in retail footfall – as highlighted by today’s figures.

However, the office return alone won’t solve the big challenges the sector faces on the road to recovery – not least the ongoing supply chain disruption we’re seeing. As we enter the Golden Quarter for retail, but also the uncertainties of winter, it’s crucial physical retailers remain attractive to shoppers.

To do this, they must accommodate the digital-first mindset that now characterises many consumers. This means focusing on supply chain visibility and integrating with eCommerce offerings to deliver a harmonised consistent and connected experience. Consumers no longer see channels – they see brands and there is so much potential to create greater value in physical stores if integrated seamlessly with digital channels – for example, transforming retail shops and floorspace into operational hubs and pick up locations to speed up Click and Collect.