Retailers need to update their core network infrastructure to make way for hybrid & omnichannel retail


The news that Primark’s website has crashed as their launch their new click and collect trial is a frustration for all concerned. Primarily it indicates the need for retailers to plan and update their core network infrastructure to make way for hybrid and omnichannel retail. With Christmas fast approaching, retailers must be prepared to efficiently manage and execute these new customer demands and update their technologies or risk falling behind. Companies must be prepared to cope with the increased online demand and have the correct infrastructure in place, as well and up to date click and collection services in store. Without this infrastructure, businesses will not reap the benefits of omnichannel retail experiences.

Companies and business operations must start to accurately forecast consumer demand for their products and also their services. They also must to ensure all technologies are aligned and secured to prevent device downtime and disruption. For instance, retailers can utilise mobile technologies with RFID, Kiosks, scanners, and tablets so that customers can approach a store easily to receive their orders. By using Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) software, store operatives can manage, secure and update mobile devices to prevent payment and service disruption and  downtime.

“The connection between retailers and customers is crucial and has the potential to make or break companies this upcoming Christmas season. Businesses must align their mobile technologies to meet new customer expectations to allow for a seamless transition between online and in-store shopping experiences.