RFID Reader with HID + VCP for IoT Areas


Desktop Reader NEO 2 is a compact and modern USB RFID Reader. It was especially developed for the latest IoT environments in cloud-networks. This RFID reader is available in the frequency areas RFID HF | NFC: 13.56 MHz or RFID LF:125 kHz. The uniqueness of this RFID reader is characterised by the adjustable data output: HID + VCP. This provides greater flexibility in reading out and reading in the data.


Integrated adjustable Data Output with HID or VCP

This RFID reader is equipped with an USB 2.0 interface. It immediately ready for use thanks to the plug-and-play function. The data output can be set manually via this interface using our supplied software development kit. It is operable in HID (= Human Interface Device) or in VCP (= Virtual ComPort) mode.


HID Mode = Keyboard Emulation (Read Only)

In HID mode, user data can be retrieved from the supported RFID transponders as keyboard emulation. The USB RFID Reader reads serial number formats, membership number, names and other data validly. The memory areas of the RFID reader support various file formats such as HEX (MSB), DEC (MSB), HEX (LSB), DEC (LSB) or ASCII and can be defined as often as required. This gives each RFID transponder unique user data. As soon as an employee shows his card and you read it, you have direct access to the user data. Configuration is done by means of a compatible Windows configuration tool.


VCP Mode = Virtual Serial Interface (Read & Write)

The VCP mode provides full read and write access for all supported RFID transponders. The RFID reader is controllable to various Windows operating systems using a USB driver. Operating systems such as Linux are supported via a serial command protocol and a virtual COM interface based on a Silicon Labs chipset. Writing on your cards is very easy with our demo software. The Virtual ComPort mode allows the definition of unique user IDs, membership numbers and membership data for a card or transponder. The defined number occurs only once and is assigned to only one person. This avoids assignments of the same User IDs to several persons.


Integrated RFID-Antenna for Identification of RFID-Tags

Thanks to the integrated RFID antenna, the RFID USB reader reads a wide range of RFID transponders in the HF and NFC frequency range 13.56 MHz as well as in the low-frequency range of 125 kHz. The RFID reader supports HF transponders of the ISO standard ISO/IEC 14443A/B, ISO 15693, and ISO 18000-3M3. It can read and write RFID tags with MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE® DESFire, NTAG, EMxxxx and I-Code ILT-M. The RFID LF technology reads RFID tags with RFID chip EM4200 and can write and read Hitag-1 and Hitag-S chips. The RFID reader achieves reading ranges of up to 3 cm in both HF and LF ranges – depending on tag orientation and transponder type. An integrated buzzer and an LED display indicate successful tag communication.


Application Examples: IoT Areas

Intranet Login in Company Network

The secure logon of employees to PCs and terminals is an essential topic in companies due to the latest data protection regulations. Unauthorised personnel can be prevented from logging in by using a USB RFID reader. The employee identifies himself with an RFID transponder or an RFID card directly at the desktop reader. Access to internal company data and drives is released after successful tag communication by the integrated buzzer and the red LED signal.

Available Versions and Order Codes

  • RFID HF | NFC: 13.56 MHz: R-DT-NEO2-HF
  • RFID LF: 125 kHz: R-DT-NEO2-LF

 The Desktop Reader NEO 2 is certified according to RoHS 2 and REACH. It comes with a software development kit for Windows systems. This supports the programming languages: Binary Command Protocol, VS2005 C++ Library. The SDK simplifies the connection to your existing systems with the help of our demo software introduction.


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