Royal Mail strikes and their effects on the customer experience


Strikes cause disruptions across the board but retailers especially will feel the brunt of it. With more Royal Mail strikes set to go ahead in the coming weeks, and over the Black Friday weekend, businesses need to be ready for severe delivery delays and prepare accordingly.

Ahead of time, retailers can look to use alternative delivery services, and ensure consumers are warned of delays before purchasing. Even so, it’s likely brands will still experience an influx of enquiries over this period as consumers look for the latest updates. Tools which include AI and automation can help route enquiries quickly and effectively and ensure staff are readily prepared to re-lay the most up-to-date information, minimising customer frustrations.

Customers now expect super-fast delivery, but it’s not always realistic. What’s important though is managing these expectations in the right way. First-class customer service should be the priority and is key in helping ease pressures facing retailers.