RSG Group España selects GTT Managed SD-WAN to enhance the digital experience in its gyms


GTT Communications, Inc. (OTC: GTTN), a leading global cloud networking provider to multinational clients, has announced that RSG Group España, a leading fitness and lifestyle company, has selected GTT Managed SD-WAN to connect its headquarters in Madrid and 40 gyms across Spain to drive further enhancements of the digital experience for its membership and staff.

RSG Group España is digitally transforming its gyms to deliver more immersive and motivational fitness experiences. The company relies on its secure, high-performance network, provided by GTT, to connect its staff and customers with high-quality multi-media content and data. The GTT SD-WAN solution provides RSG Group España with enhanced control and visibility of the traffic on its network, as well as the ability to prioritize and optimize different kinds of network traffic. This enables the company to ensure the best performance of its business and real-time applications, such as video conferencing and streaming, adjusting for bandwidth usage in line with business needs. The solution also enables network configuration and policy changes to be quickly and easily rolled out to any existing and future sites, allowing RSG Group España to centrally manage its network in a continuously changing environment. Additionally, GTT’s managed SD-WAN solution integrates fiber-based broadband and 4G backup to ensure resilience at each site.

“We’ve chosen GTT-managed SD-WAN because it is imperative for us to run our network with the utmost uptime and agility so we can continue to expand our range of fitness experiences,” said Chantal Garicano, Head of Administration and Finance at RSG Group España. “The advanced portal functionality of GTT’s SD-WAN solution gives us greater visibility across our network, helping us manage our resources and applications more efficiently and making it easier for us to identify and troubleshoot any issues quickly.”

“We are delighted to support RSG Group España with our network expertise and managed SD-WAN service as it innovates new ways to provide the best digital experience for its customers and employees,” said Tom Homer, Division President – Europe, GTT. “A fast, secure and reliable network is key to enabling the best technology-driven user experiences, and we look forward to partnering with RSG Group España as they expand their use of innovative digital technologies to help people become more active and have fun.”