Safety boost for lone workers as welfare monitoring app integrates with Webfleet Solutions


Welfare monitoring and journey management system GetHomeSafe has integrated with fleet management data from Webfleet Solutions to help improve the safety of lone and remote workers.

The GetHomeSafe mobile app allows employees to schedule and carry out time-based check-ins with their employers and to inform them of what they are doing, where they are going and when they expect to check-in as ‘home safe’.

By integrating with WEBFLEET, GetHomeSafe can now monitor the GPS location of workers relative to their vehicles, in real time.  Should employees fail to check-in or activate an alert, supervisors or fleet managers will be automatically notified and their location, along with the location of their vehicles, can be immediately pinpointed using a single cloud-based interface.

“Access to a full breakdown of status information for both employees and their vehicles will help ensure businesses are better placed to manage the risks facing workers operating alone or in remote environments,” said Sophie Cranfield, Head of Business Development – UK, Europe and Americas, GetHomeSafe.

“By combining the cutting-edge functionality of these two innovative solutions – both leaders in their respective fields – we are enhancing end-to-end workforce visibility and making it easier for managers to make informed decisions about the severity of incidents.

Designed to protect the health and safety of travelling and mobile workforces in industries such as utilities, agriculture, health and social care and land-based professions, the integrated solution also enables businesses to plan and approve worker journeys, while providing drivers with automatic routing information via their mobile GetHomeSafe app.

“Digital tools that help improve the safety of fleet drivers have long been a core ingredient of the WEBFLEET platform,” said Beverley Wise, Regional Director UK & Ireland, Webfleet Solutions.

“By welcoming GetHomeSafe to our portfolio of WEBFLEET.connect integration partners we have added another valuable risk management solution for our business customers.”