Ship.Cars Partners with Monk AI to Introduce Artificial Intelligence to the Auto-Transportation Industry


 Ship.Cars, a leading provider of innovative software solutions for car hauling companies, has partnered with Monk AI to deliver AI inspection reports to drivers using the Ship.Cars Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) app. With this integration, the ePOD app will enable drivers to extract vehicle damages visible on their photos in a list view, along with cropped photos focusing on the damages individually.

“Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting more advanced and used in all industries,” says Eftim Eftimov, President of Ship.Cars. “We are the first in the industry to deliver this technology to auto-transport carriers to use for their loads. This AI inspection feature is a game-changer in our industry and acts as a helping hand for carriers to list vehicle damages.”

AI-powered and guided vehicle inspection helps to streamline the pick-up and delivery processes for carriers. It enables Ship.Cars users to enjoy an even more enhanced seamless experience from their mobile app. AI inspection brings more transparency to the process and supports carriers in their day-to-day tasks by accelerating the inspection time. Inspections done with AI are also consistent and standardized throughout the proper country and operators. The algorithms that have seen millions of vehicles and damages will always be treated equally.

The AI Inspection app allows users to:

  • Reduce time spent manually entering damage information
  • Streamline the inspection process
  • Track inspection operations and improve inspection processes
  • Review the findings of vehicle damages and remove or add to the list
  • Generate optional AI damage reports quickly
  • Complete AI inspection with cropped photos of the damage for their records
  • List damage type codes, vehicle part codes, location of damage, timestamp, and time zone with cropped images, bringing transparency to inspection processes
  • Eliminate misses on damage sheets, reducing risk and human error
  • Build a condition report and compares it with previous records to detect new damages

“This new AI inspection feature brings transparency to the inspection process, saving time to verify results and speeding the claims process,” says Eftimov.