Shipment Visibility Provider Sixfold Releases Free Live Border Congestion Map in COVID-19 Crisis


Leading shipment visibility provider Sixfold today announces that it has published a free live map of border crossing times for trucks which can be accessed at Sixfold took this initiative to help all involved in Europe’s supply chains to understand expected delays in receiving shipments as a result of the increasing number of border checks due to the Coronavirus crisis.

Sixfold’s day-to-day mission is to provide its customers – globally acting manufacturers, retailers and logistics service providers – with real-time and predictive visibility over their shipments. The firm helps them to know precisely where their shipments are, when they are arriving at their own facilities or customers’ doorsteps and, crucially, whether there are problems or delays from border checks.

“During the last weekend of the increasing Coronavirus-related lockdown of Europe, Sixfold’s development teams brought its developers together to build this live map as an initiative to do our part in helping Europe’s supply chains and their customers to better plan for provision delays resulting from the growing Coronavirus pandemic,” says Wolfgang Worner, Sixfold’s CEO.

He adds: “Everyone who has a practical use for this live map can access it for free. If you are working in supply chains and this helps you get your goods to where they need to be with shorter delays – here you go. If you are a carrier or truck driver hauling food, this is for you. If you are a government official or a journalist and have some use for it, please use it.”

Read more about the live map here: [] and access it for free here: Please also feel free to share the link to anyone who has use for it and contact us at [email protected] in case of questions.