Sierra Wireless’ EM9190 5G Module Rapidly Integrated by Mobile Viewpoint into its New Mobile Video Encoder

Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR) (TSX: SW), a leading IoT solutions provider, today announced that its EM9190 5G New Radio (NR) embedded module has been integrated into Mobile Viewpoint’s new Agile Ultra 5G mobile encoder. Mobile Viewpoint is among the first companies to bring to market a 5G mobile encoder able to remotely transmit live 4K Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) video from sporting, news, and other outside events.

In addition to the EM9190 module itself, Sierra Wireless and its partner, Alcom electronics, offered Mobile Viewpoint the 5G expertise, technical support, and global Mobile Network Operators (MNO) relationships they needed to rapidly integrate the EM9190 module into their encoder and get the encoder quickly certified by MNOs worldwide.

“A fast and secure 5G module that could be easily integrated into the Agile Ultra 5G was a key component of our go-to-market strategy for the encoder. As our trusted partner, Sierra Wireless provided us with a secure, high-performance module, the integration support and global carrier relationships we needed to realise this strategy,” said Michel Bais, Managing Director at Mobile Viewpoint. “Sierra Wireless helped us meet our aggressive launch timeline for the Agile Ultra 5G, and deliver our broadcasting and other customers a secure 5G mobile video encoder that they can start using today.”

Powered by the EM9190, the Agile Ultra 5G mobile encoder enables broadcasters, video production companies, first responders, and security services to remotely manage live 4K UHD video production from a central location without compromising on video reliability or quality. This allows them to avoid sending production personnel and Outside Broadcast (OB) vehicles on-site to events, emergencies, or other locations, significantly reducing their video production costs.

“5G is rapidly transforming the world of live outdoor video production and Mobile Viewpoint is at the forefront in driving this transformation,” said Jim Ryan, Senior Vice President of Partnerships, Marketing and IoT Solutions at Sierra Wireless. “With innovative solutions that enable these types of next-generation video and other IoT applications, Sierra Wireless delivers its customers the 5G connectivity they need to unlock more value in the connected economy.”

The EM9190 is currently available globally from Sierra Wireless’ global network of partners.

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