Six of the best! JA Envirotanks announces deal with Aidan Strain

Midlands-based manufacturer JA Envirotanks today announced it has signed a deal with electrical and mechanical engineering specialist Aidan Strain, to deliver six vertical single skinned tanks of various capacities.


The tanks will be used to hold fuel for back up generators that ensure power availability and business continuity for data centre developments near London. Aidan Strain has recently won the contract for the fit out of containerised generator sets along with controls and fuel supply.  Delivery of the tanks from JA Envirotanks has already begun and will continue until the end of 2018.


Part of the OSSL Group, JA Envirotanks is a leading manufacturer of bunded steel tanks for use in various industrial and construction applications. JA Envirotanks has an extensive relationship with Aidan Strain and has supplied tanks to them for more than eight years.


Philip Bunting, project manager, Aidan Strain explained: “Finding a partner with whom you can develop this level of infrastructure is no easy task. JA Envirotanks has proven themselves to be an innovative and reliable supplier, with tanks delivered on time and to budget.”


Neil Ferguson, general manager, JA Envirotanks added: “Both Aidan Strain and JA Envirotanks are noted in their respective marketplaces for the years of experience they bring to projects.  In the case of supplying these tanks, that experience means not only reliability in terms of production schedules, but also a commitment to help Aidan Strain honour their promises to customers further up the value chain.”


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