SmartHop Launches Automatic Payroll Solution, Saving Time and Money for Customers


SmartHop, an advanced freight booking and fleet management platform, today announced its new in-platform Payroll solution that reduces the operational burden of highly-manual payroll reporting for owners and administrators and provides payment transparency for drivers, dispatchers and other payees.

Touted as payroll that practically completes itself, the Payroll solution empowers operators of all fleet types to aggregate and approve payroll reports through SmartHop. The platform was designed to support various employee pay structures: flat fees, percentages, or miles-based, for example. The new solution also supports payments for contracted loads and dedicated lanes, giving fleets the ultimate flexibility.

A customer-favorite is the recurring payroll rules feature that saves hours of time each week that was previously spent itemizing and parsing expenses into reports. With SmartHop, admins set rules for repeat entries – recurring deductions or additions, and the system automatically applies them each pay period. For example, a fleet that provides their carriers with insurance will add a deduction for the annual premium, and schedule it to be evenly distributed across pay periods.

“This Payroll solution is saving me about four hours a week. It’s been a huge help,” said Devin Chapman, co-owner of Hitched Logistics.

SmartHop’s Payroll solution is integrated with the larger platform, connecting to other modules like Trip Details and Driver Profiles, to create shortcuts and advance SmartHop’s role as a fleet’s system of record.

“Not only is payroll reporting more convenient for fleet owners using SmartHop’s integrated Payroll solution, drivers can also manage their payments from the road using the mobile app,” said Guillermo Garcia, SmartHop Co-Founder and CEO. “The Payroll solution updates the payee’s ledger in real time as trips are completed, so there are no surprises regarding pay, and issues can be addressed early on, before payments are processed.”

SmartHop’s Payroll solution facilitates a culture of transparency and trust within the trucking industry as it helps to nurture relationships between carrier owners and their employees.

“Our goal is to satisfy the end-to-end needs of our small fleet customers so they never have to bounce between platforms to get their work done,” said Kiel Cook, senior product manager at SmartHop. “The simplicity of using Payroll frees our customers from heavy operational overhead, while bringing SmartHop one step closer to our company mission of ‘transforming the lives of millions through sustainable financial freedom.’”

Professional Tier SmartHop users are now able to use Payroll in-platform. Visit SmartHop for additional information about the Payroll solution by visiting: