Sunak warns of AI dangers


The latest statement is telling of the direction that the UK’s long-awaited AI Summit is likely to take next week. However, whilst both risk and safety are important when it comes to AI, the fixation on these elements means we risk missing out on the technology’s opportunities.

AI has the potential to fundamentally change lives and revolutionise the way we live and work. If the UK as a nation fails to embrace it or falls into the trap of buying into attention-grabbing doomsday headlines, it could find itself falling short on the global stage.

Only time will tell whether the Summit will simply provide an impressive photo opportunity for global lawmakers or a genuinely productive forum for regulatory discussion. Regardless, moving forward there must be a clear focus on how the UK can advance AI and ensure it represents an attractive place for AI businesses to start-up, grow and float. That will be the true test of Sunak’s commitment to making the UK the global leader in AI.