SureCloud Launches Free Supply Chain Solution in Response to the COVID-19 supply-chain issue


SureCloud, a provider of cloud-based, Gartner recognised Integrated Risk Management solutions and cybersecurity services, has announced the launch of its free Supply Chain Tool.

The new application allows businesses to document their key assets and processes, assess their critical suppliers against a pre-defined question set. Then aggregate and report findings through flexible dashboards, helping organisation to assess the impact on their supply chain.

Effective supply chain management is particularly important at this time of global crisis. The effects of the coronavirus pandemic have transformed the way suppliers are managed and relied upon and created uncertainty for third-party risk programmes. SureCloud’s new tool aims to support organisations in assessing their supply chain risks during the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond.

The complimentary Supply Chain Solution has a simple user interface with prebuilt content that enables rapid deployment of the solution. The tool offers a supply chain assessment, reports, and dashboards designed by industry experts within SureCloud’s Risk Advisory Practice. These components give businesses a time advantage as assessment can be sent directly to crucial suppliers from the SureCloud platform. This, in turn, helps measure potential supplier risks and determine impacts on your supply chain.

The application also offers built-in support including a library of training videos, a support desk, and advice from industry experts using SureCloud’s Risk Advisory Practice, ensuring smooth user adoption and realisation of value.

Richard Hibbert, CEO and Co-Founder at SureCloud, said: “Most organisations understand the importance of third-party risk management by now, but fourth party risk and beyond remains too often shrouded in mystery. But if your third party is working with third parties – and most are, from individual consultants up to major technology providers – then those individuals or organisations are also part of your risk posture. This is why it is so important to think of your organisation’s security and risk posture as part of a chain, in which you are only ever as robust as the weakest link.”

He continued, “Supply chain audits need to take in a broad spectrum of information. It’s not just about the obvious – what cybersecurity tools do they have in place, who is responsible for which process, what the contingency plans are – but also ‘softer’ information like where their offices are based and who their customers are. Supply chain audit solutions need to be able to collect all this data as efficiently as possible, which means that cloud-based solutions are often most appropriate. Third and fourth parties and beyond can respond to digital questionnaires with the information collated and aggregated automatically. The result is a snapshot view of the health – or risk – of the supply chain at any time.”

“SureCloud is dedicated to making risk management and cybersecurity as streamlined and straightforward as possible, so we are delighted to announce the launch of our Supply Chain Assessment Tool. We know it will help organisations gain a better understanding of their complete supply chain, particularly in light of current circumstances disrupting normal operations.”

By using the SureCloud Platform to assess supply chain risks, clients provide valuable global insights into the current state of the supply chain, which supports other organisations with their resilience strategy. SureCloud can utilise the results to measure and report on global trends relating to the impact and readiness of supply chains, before sharing this analysis for learning.