Amazon Passkeys Roll Out


The roll-out of passkeys by Amazon is a strong message that the big tech firms know that it is time to end the password. Passwords have historically failed to keep users’ credentials safe, and it’s time we move towards a passwordless future that provides a flexible and secure approach to verifying users’ digital identities.

Biometrics are tied to a user’s physical characteristics, therefore cannot be compromised as easily by cybercriminals. Security teams are able to quickly detect instances of fraud, identity theft and spoofing.

The roll out of passkeys should not be limited to just the Amazon website, there should be support for Amazon’s native apps such as Prime Video. Not only would Amazon improve the security of these apps but also customer experience. Biometrics swiftly verifies and authenticates users in mere seconds, sparing them the frustration typically associated with password-based authentication.

The move reflects a shift by technology companies to passkeys and biometrics, with Google announcing last week that passkeys would be the default sign-in credential. Some vendors are developing their biometric technology on the premise of shifting the paradigm away from the presumption of “what we know” or “what we have,” which is how passwords have worked so far, to “who we are,” people with unique qualities that cannot be duplicated.