Survey unveils shift to automation technology within the warehousing & logistics industry


A new survey has revealed that the logistics industry is on the brink of a transformative shift as technology reshapes the movement of goods across supply chains, driven largely by an unresolved economic lull.

A ground breaking survey of 200 UK logistics professionals across a variety of sectors – commissioned by Worldwide Chain Stores (WCS) – shows a clear transformative shift in businesses investing in technology to solve the multitude of supply chain challenges they face. It also unveiled a significant embrace of automation technology within the warehousing and logistics industry, with 45% of respondents already leveraging it to optimise their operations.

With predictability, efficiency and flexibility top of mind, the survey reveals businesses are either implementing or looking to implement new technologies, with investment in innovative technologies like AI, automation and machine learning high on the agenda for logistics professionals in the UK.

Despite the surge, there still remain barriers to adoption, with nearly 80% of respondents citing budget restrictions (29%), complexity in implementation (23%) and IT systems limitations because of legacy issues (21%). But over two thirds of respondents (67%) had either implemented or planned to implement the likes of AI technology in the coming year.

Joshila Makan, CEO of Worldwide Chain Stores, commented: “As the logistics industry undergoes rapid transformation, technology has emerged as a key enabler of efficiency, transparency, and competitiveness.

“The findings of this survey underscore the immense potential of advanced solutions like AI, Automation and Digital Twin technology to revolutionise logistics operations and drive growth. At WCS, we remain committed to empowering logistics professionals with innovative tools and strategies to navigate this transformative journey and unlock new opportunities for success.”

A white paper based on the survey results can be downloaded at