SYSPRO, a global provider of industry-built ERP software, today reported that its recent IT analyst roadshow briefings to show the newly released SYSPRO 8 version are resulting in a number of published reports and commentary.  SYSPRO is releasing its most recent review today by Aberdeen, authored by Bryan Ball, Vice President and Principle Analyst for Aberdeen, a market intelligence company focused on the technology sector. The blog, entitled, “SYSPRO Gets it Right on Avanti with Ease of Use’ can be viewed here

SYSPRO met with 24 technology analysts from 10 different firms in a bi-coastal roadshow to showcase key digital transformation capabilities in the new SYSPRO 8 release.  Fifteen of the analysts have already published comments with favorable critical acclaim of the new release validating that SYSPRO has achieved the right blend of functionality and ease of use.

In the recent Aberdeen blog, Mr. Ball has focused on SYSPRO’s new web-based user interface, Avanti, noting SYSPRO’s extra care taken with the design efforts based on numerous focus groups.  Aberdeen has also recently completed a survey of more than 300 respondents, which concluded that ease of use was deemed the number one priority for a successful deployment by 59% of the respondents.

Underscoring the importance of business technology built for the next generation of users, Mr. Ball also referenced new SYSPRO survey data evaluating changing user criteria.  “They (SYSPRO) presented survey data based on new ERP users and Millennials that reflected an impressive 76% endorsement of the point that they (users) will increasingly demand, or be drawn to vendors that let them do business their own way.”

Aberdeen concludes that SYSPRO is headed in the right direction with its vertical industry focus and extensive installation track record. “SYSPRO has a strong presence in the manufacturing space as an ERP provider with a loyal client base.  We look forward to continued progress from SYSPRO in helping companies to do business their own way.”


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