Tai Software Introduces Task List, The Ultimate Assignment Management Solution, to their TMS Users


Tai Software (Tai), a fully integrated freight broker platform for transportation management, today introduced ‘Task List’, an all-encompassing AI tool designed to enhance the way brokerages manage shipments.

Tai ‘Task List’ has been meticulously crafted to provide a single-page solution for managing all freight brokerage assignments, including both email and non-email-based tasks. Now, agents no longer have to navigate between various interfaces or lose track of incoming emails. ‘Task List’ is a one-stop destination to effortlessly manage shipments and stay on top of their workload.

“By providing a tool that automatically deposits information from your inbox into a ‘to-do’ list, we’re removing a lot of unnecessary back and forth for broker agents,” said Walter (Mitch) Mitchell, CEO, Tai. “When we call ‘Task List’ a single point-of-truth, we mean it. Broker reps can spend 90% of their time in the TMS, optimizing their workflows and allowing them to move more freight, more efficiently.”

With Tai’s cutting-edge email processing technology and powerful AI tools, incoming emails are automatically classified and appropriate actions are taken or assigned. For instance, Tai can swiftly create a new shipment from an incoming email in your mailbox and make it readily available within the ‘Task List’.

Additionally, Tai ‘Task List’ provides a ‘Send Message’ feature that allows agents to quickly draft email responses using generative AI or email templates, all within the same interface. This level of integration simplifies workflows and enhances productivity by keeping all essential tools and functions within easy reach.

“The AI engine that we’ve built over the past several years has come of age,” added Mitchell. “Now freight brokerages and logistics service providers throughout supply networks are realizing the impacts that generative AI can have on their business and productivity. Our AI email processing is something we have been working on for years.”

For more information about Tai Task List or to schedule a demo of Tai TMS, please visit https://tai-software.com/request-demo/