Tanker group drivers take the tablet as customers sign-up for Mandata’s new electronic waste transfer signature solution


Universal Tanker Group, the waste services specialists, report a positive response from their drivers since upgrading from PDAs to tablets for electronic signature collection during waste transfer and deliveries.

Using Mandata’s new Manifest App, drivers can now collect signatures, organise jobs and communicate using the larger, tablet screens which say the company not only makes the process easier but more efficient – from job order to invoice.

With 46 vacuum tankers operating from 10 depots  located throughout the UK, Universal Tankers use Mandata’s transport management system (TMS) for general planning and monitoring across the business and now, says the company, all their drivers have seamlessly upgraded to the user-friendly Manifest app, in tablet form.

“The TMS system already serves as a great management tool.” Says Operations Manager, Matthew Tanfield. “For order acceptance, delivery planning, driver communications and job control it turned out to play a key part in us achieving FORS accreditation. However, we were looking to improve things on the proof of delivery and invoicing side of things to make things easier for the drivers and customers alike, so the Manifest tablet-based app proved to be the perfect solution.”

Matthew goes on to point out that each delivery must by law have a clear line of traceability and timed evidence to prove when a load has been delivered or transferred. Achieving this in former times and then tying up the paperwork to enable prompt invoicing, was always a challenge but now every consignment has an electronic signature and audit trail which not only keeps the process compliant but also speeds up invoicing, while virtually eliminating paperwork.

“The new App is not only easier to use but takes some of the pressure off drivers.” Says Matthew. “Once they have that signature and it’s automatically fed into our TMS system, they can get on to the next job and not need to worry about gathering up bundles of paperwork for the accounts department. Nowadays we send all invoices on Monday and Tuesday of each week, based on the previous week’s deliveries. Certainly not possible, the way we were doing it before.”

In addition to the  Auto-admin’ function for sending signatures and delivery details to the TMS, Manifest app eliminates paper trails and lost delivery notes while keeping customers and office staff informed in real-time, all of which says Matthew Tanfield saves time, improves efficiency and enables Universal Tanker Group to provide a reliable and legal service of the highest standard.

Cloud or server-based, Mandata’s TMS is a single, integrated system which enables planning and monitoring and control over all types of transport, including general haulage, pallets carriers, bulk, waste and temperature controlled. The system is modular which means it can be adapted and added to suit individual transport needs.

With 25 years’ experience in the waste sector, Universal Tanker Group provides a cross section of services from sewage treatment plant, effluent and septic tank emptying to welfare unit servicing, tank hire and freshwater delivery.