TCS Launches New Gen AI-Powered Cyber Insights Platform on Amazon Security Lake


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) (BSE: 532540, NSE: TCS) has launched a new Cyber Insights Platform that leverages AI and Amazon Security Lake to help customers enhance their cyber security and compliance. The Cyber Insights Platform leverages TCS’ expertise in managed detection and response to help customers unify diverse security datasets residing across public and private clouds, on-premises environments and third-party security providers into a central repository, powered by Amazon Security Lake. It is enhanced with machine learning models to help continuously monitor anomalies, predict potential issues well in advance, helping clients to be proactive in addressing these potential threats.

These learning models are designed for proactive anomaly detection, granular user-entity behaviour analytics, dynamic risk quantification, and automated responses. This ensures an adaptive and resilient cybersecurity environment, primed to counteract the multifaceted and ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

TCS is using its deep domain knowledge across different industry verticals to tailor the Cyber Insights Platform to address industry-specific security needs. One such offering is the Financial Crime Fusion Centre that uses generative AI to equip financial services clients with insights into incidents such as account takeovers, unauthorised fund transfers, and identity theft, by fusing data from their fraud detection and cybersecurity systems.

These new offerings add to TCS’ comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity solutions and services including consulting and advisory, security-as-a-service, industry-nuanced solutions, and managed security services across areas including detection and response, identity and access management, vulnerability management, governance, risk and compliance, data privacy and protection, digital forensics and incident response, cloud security, data security, and IT/OT security services.

Krishna Mohan, Deputy Head, TCS AI.Cloud, commented: “The Cyber Insights Platform exemplifies TCS’ approach of investing in building innovative solutions that use cutting-edge technologies to solve our clients’ most pressing business problems. TCS is also using generative AI to synthesise security data residing in distributed siloes to generate contextual insights, thereby transforming those siloes into strategic assets. Such innovation and our strong relationship with AWS make TCS the preferred partner for clients looking to transform their cybersecurity landscape.”

TCS offers enterprise customers end-to-end services and solutions around cloud migration, application, and data modernisation, managed services, and industry-specific innovation on AWS. TCS holds several AWS validated qualifications, including membership in the AWS Premier Tier Service Partner Program, AWS Managed Service Provider, AWS Public Sector Partner Program, AWS Solution Provider Program, AWS Well-Architected Partner Program, and over 25 AWS Competencies and Service Validations.

TCS’ large pool of AWS cloud-ready professionals leverage their domain knowledge and AWS technology building blocks to create transformational solutions contextualized to specific industry sub-verticals. Furthermore, TCS’ rich portfolio of leading-edge, industry-centric products like the TCS BaNCS™ suite in financial services, TCS Optumera™ in retail, TCS HOBS™ in telecom, TCS ADD™ in life sciences, TCS Aviana in airlines and Water Cloud in utilities is available on AWS, driving synergies across the enterprise value chain and impacting every stakeholder. For more information, visit