Tech Startups Find Their Perfect Fit in Agile Electronics Manufacturer HansaMatrix


In the fast-paced world of tech startups, navigating the complexities of electronics manufacturing can be a daunting task.

Finding a partner that can not only handle low-volume production runs but also keep pace with rapid design iterations is crucial for success.

HansaMatrix, a leading Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider in the Baltics and Eastern Europe, is emerging as a perfect fit for tech startups, particularly those working in the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart sensor space.

The Startup Challenge: Keeping Up with Innovation

Jevgenijs Kostjukēvičs, Key Account Manager at HansaMatrix, acknowledges the unique challenges faced by startups. “Finding the right EMS partner is crucial, but for startups, it can be difficult,” says Kostjukēvičs. “Many manufacturers prioritize larger clients, leaving startups struggling to find support for their unpredictable, low-volume needs.”

HansaMatrix bridges this gap by dedicating a team of experts to each startup project. This team, comprised of a key account manager, procurement specialist, and New Product Introduction (NPI) expert, works collaboratively to cater to the specific needs of each startup.

Adaptability is the Key

The tech industry thrives on constant innovation, demanding agility from its partners. HansaMatrix addresses this by maintaining a deep understanding of the electronics component landscape. “We have a vast catalog of alternative part numbers and suppliers,” explains Kostjukēvičs. “This allows us to suggest changes to the Bill of Materials (BOM) or layout, leveraging the latest components and potentially reducing costs and lead times for our clients.”

Open communication is another cornerstone of HansaMatrix’s approach. “We tailor our communication strategy to each project,” says Kostjukēvičs. “We actively track progress and maintain an open-door policy, welcoming visits to our facilities.”

Making Low-Volume Production Work

High-mix, low-volume production runs are a common reality for startups. HansaMatrix tackles this challenge through their two production plants, which share the same equipment and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

“This shared infrastructure allows us to easily accommodate low-volume runs,” explains Kostjukēvičs. “We can efficiently utilize both plants, ensuring on-time delivery and a fast ramp-up to production.”

Success Story: From Prototype to Market

Jevgenijs offered a glimpse into a successful partnership with a startup, highlighting the value HansaMatrix provides. “We began working with a client in 2017 who only had a basic Bill of Materials and Gerber files,” says Kostjukēvičs. “By leveraging our experience, we recommended adjustments to the layout, component selection, and suppliers. This resulted in reduced BOM costs, shorter lead times, and a faster ramp-up to production.”

HansaMatrix further implemented a PCBA buffer stock strategy following the initial prototype runs. This allowed for increased batch sizes and further cost reduction, ultimately accelerating the startup’s time to market for their innovative product.


HansaMatrix’s commitment to agility, expertise in low-volume production, and open communication make them a valuable partner for tech startups in the connectivity sector. Their ability to adapt to changing needs and leverage their knowledge of the electronics component landscape positions them as a perfect fit for companies seeking to bring their innovative ideas to life. For a more in-depth look at how HansaMatrix partners with tech startups, read the full interview article here.