Tech Tools You Might Want to Use as a Business Manager


Digital tech tools are gaining popularity in today’s business world. If your company has not implemented any SaaS products or smart programs in your day-to-day activities yet, you may be missing out on some of the great advantages AI technology can bring. From AI-powered chatbots and customer service systems to predictive analytics and automated marketing campaigns, the applications of AI are vast. Below, we discuss why using tech tools can benefit your team and some programs you could consider.

The Benefits of Using Smart Tech Platforms

Various smart technological tools can make your day-to-day office tasks easier. They allow your team to communicate faster and swiftly complete mundane tasks. Ultimately, their use can make your company more efficient and organized. Smart tech platforms provide many advantages to businesses of all sizes. But which tech tools should your business use? Let’s check some of them out.

Communication Platforms

Want to go the extra mile to make sure all members of your team are on the same page? Communication platforms can allow team members to communicate in one place. An example of such a platform is Slack. It is often used by remote workers but can also be beneficial for in-office teams as well. Companies can create channels for various topics and departments. Slack also has a bot option, allowing the platform to create various notifications. For example, if a sale is made, it could automatically create a notification in Slack. This makes it easy for all members of a team to stay up to date on what is happening in the company.

Project Management Platforms

Do some departments struggle to manage their workload or meet deadlines? Project management platforms and workflow automation tools make it easy to keep track of everything that is going on in your business. SaaS products like Asana can help teams structure their work, assign tasks to the appropriate people, and stay on top of deadlines. By using project management platforms, departments are able to better coordinate and streamline their workflow. This helps ensure that teams are organized and tasks are completed on time.

HR Platforms

Looking to optimize your employee benefits management? HR tech tools can help you here. Zest Benefits can, for instance, help your HR team with automating certain tasks, as well with keeping track of metrics and ROI. It makes automation, and administration easier. Furthermore, it can be connected to third parties. Zest Benefits can help streamline HR activities and make your employee benefits package more efficient.

CRM Systems

Do you want to keep a seamless track of your inquiries, customers, sales, and pipeline? Are you both determined to retain your existing customers and attract new ones? Then you should consider acquiring an effective CRM system, if you have not done so already. CRM systems are an example of tech tools that are needed by most businesses these days.

Long gone are the days of disorganized spreadsheets. CRMS systems can give you the ability to track your customer data, records, and history in one place. These systems can also be used to track customer activity and identify trends, helping you better understand what your customers need and how you can meet those needs. You can plan and optimize your customers’ journeys using your CRM.

The best CRMs can also be integrated with some of your other systems. Sometimes this can be done directly, and other times you might make use of an integration tool like Zapier. Whichever route you choose, ensuring that the customer journey flows smoothly from one system to another will help you to provide a seamless service for your customers and keep them coming back.