Tecsys’ New Brand Identity Reveals Clarity in Supply Chain Complexity


Tecsys Inc. (TSX: TCS), a Montreal-based supply chain management software company, today announced a new brand identity and logo that more readily communicates the company’s long-standing intention of equipping supply chain greatness. This move comes at a time when more organizations are experiencing increases in performance pressure and complexities in their supply chains. The new identity communicates overtly the brand’s purpose of empowering good companies to achieve greatness by clarifying uncertainty in the supply chain.

“For 35 years, we have been fortunate to co-create solutions with our clients through some of the most complex supply chain challenges,” says Peter Brereton, president and CEO of Tecsys. “Our new identity underscores our intention of equipping good companies, ones that have made pragmatic decisions about their supply chain, with the tools and services necessary to achieve greatness.”

In recent years, compressed fulfillment and delivery cycles, heightened regulations and the ongoing need to reduce costs have made the road to supply chain success difficult. Given this time of upheaval within global supply chains, the leadership team at Tecsys knew the moment was right to reposition and update its identity. The new branding comes on the heels of Tecsys’ November 2018 acquisition of OrderDynamics, a leader in distributed order management solutions for retailers, retail brand managers, and 3PLs. With its enhanced set of innovative solutions, Tecsys is now poised to increase its presence in Europe and Australia while building on its notable success in North America.

“Supply chains have been and continue to be a source of complexity for growing organizations,” says Brereton. “Our strength has been working alongside our clients to co-create the clarity needed for supply chain greatness. It is our belief that more organizations should have access to the supply chain strategies and tools to allow them to scale and reach their aspirations.”

In terms of its aesthetic qualities, the new Tecsys logo captures the brand’s ethos with its nod to connection, movement and impact. Brought to life in a bold red and accessible gray, this design mark makes tangible what equipping supply chain greatness means in the context of complexity. The brand will have a strong presence in the market, evoking at once both the warmth and high standards of quality the company represents.

“Much more profound than just a new set of colors or marketing wallpaper, this brand represents a thoughtful vision for the future of Tecsys – one that is human-centric and mindful of accelerating technology­,” says Laurie McGrath, chief marketing officer of Tecsys. “Knowing that this new brand means the world will get a better understanding of our amazing culture has made stewarding the process a true honor.”