Telecommunication specialist launches the universal optical transceiver


One of the most common issues in setting up a fibre optic link is the incompatibility of optical transceivers with the rest of the network equipment. Generally, network operators work with a variety of interfaces at different points in their networks, meaning that many different matching transceivers are required.

Salumanus delivers a more efficient solution for network operators in the form of the universal optical transceiver (UOT). As the name suggests, the new product is compatible with all network devices, thanks to the company’s Simple Recode Device. The SRD allows the transceiver to be configured to work with any vendor equipment, thus minimising inventory stocks and reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of optics equipment.

“After working with network designers and warehouse operators for a very long time, we started to notice their frustration when their transceivers were not compatible with the optical equipment,” said Marcin Bala, CEO at Salumanus. “We created the SRD to ease the job of different stakeholders, but we soon realised it was not enough, so we went a step further and released a truly universal optical transceiver.”

With just one transceiver, operators can cover four different transmission speeds: 10 GbE, 25 GbE, 9.83 Gbps CRPI and 24.33 Gbps eCRPI, with a transmission range of 80 km for 10G and 10 km for 25G. This means that if the UOT is currently installed for 10 GbE equipment, it will not need to be changed if operators decide to scale up to 25 GbE. They just need to change the operating mode of the transceiver with a few clicks.

The UOT is also 100 per cent host agnostic. While some network devices are not designed to tune DWDM wavelengths, the UOT can be set to work with an auto-tunable option to facilitate the implementation of DWDM systems.

“The universal optical transceiver is a cost-effective, flexible solution that allows network operators to easily scale up their business,” explained Andrzej Wojnar, director of the optical transceivers department at Salumanus. “Instead of buying new equipment to upgrade their infrastructure, operators can instead invest in the UOT and save on costs and time, while also choosing a more sustainable path by reducing waste. Network operators can relax, press a few clicks and let the UOT do its magic.”

Operators can use the UOT in Ethernet networks for both short and long ranges or in 5G fronthaul architectures as the edge part of the cellular network to help the connection with the radio antennas. They could also use UOT in any environment, single and dual dark fibre application as well as DWDM system. Thanks to Auto-Tuning option and GBC Photonics’ own SRD, operators become independent from Switch/Routers vendors.

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