TELEPASS & TESISQUARE® announce Strategic Partnership to boost Supply Chain Visibility with IoT Solutions


TESISQUARE®, the leading partner to build digital supply chain ecosystems, and Telepass, the pioneer in integrated mobility and theleading company in e-TOLL systems, announced today a global partnership to improve the transport of the entire supply chain operations by integratingTelepass real-time visibility (RTTV) technology with the TESISQUARE Platform.

With around 1 million trucks equipped with his devices, and thanks to its subsidiaryKmaster with a collaboration model based on a sales partner network, Telepass offers advanced fleet management and electronic toll services to haulage companies byproviding reliable insights about the vehicles, real-time monitoring and accurate positioning, traffic data, among others. TESISQUARE Platform will be integrating these services to perform the RTTV solution for transportation logistics,so offering full access to real-time visibility for all the clients.

As the global pandemic has forced supply chain professionals to revisit their procedures while using efficient transport logistics solutions, comprehensive real-time data to support the end-to-end supply chain decision making became imperative.

According to Gartner, ‘by2023, 50% of global product-centric enterprises will have invested in real-time transportation visibility platform’.[1] In this context, another Gartner report states,“The global commercial telematics market continues to grow at approximately 25% per year. This growth is driven by government regulations and fueled by the in-vehicle data collection and connectivity delivered by the aftermarket telematics solutions as well as original equipment manufacturers (OEM) offerings”.[2]

“We are observing how the market increasingly needs to integrate data in order to govern the end-to-end supply chain. The integration of TESISQUARE’s IoT capabilities with the half-board technology of the new Telepass systems will give a pragmatic, standardized, and feasible response to this need. We are pleased to launch this partnership with Telepass” says Giuseppe Pacotto, President and CEO of TESISQUARE. “Furthermore, this partnership will allow us to introduce a disruptive and competitive businessmodel to the market to meet the needs of carriers and freight forwarders with a complete offering.”

Gabriele Benedetto, CEO of Telepass, commented: “Covid has boosted the logistics industry greatly, which not only was not knocked down by the pandemic, but has turned out to be even more strengthened these days. Thanks to the partnership with TESISQUARE® we want to get closer to the world of carriers who interact with logistic operators. Telepass and TESISQUARE® represent together the first real example of digital logistics in Italy, a fundamental chapter for the next Europeans funds”.

All users benefit from the integration of new functionalities. These include, for example, TMS interfaces to enable every carrier to collect and share visibility data; control tower capabilities to provide carriers and shippers with dashboards of logistic flows; communicate to all parties via white-labelled portal and notifications; development of a predictive and prescriptive control tower that facilitates decision makers,electronic proof of delivery to reduce manual effort; a CO2 calculator to help carriers track and reduce environmental impact, but not only.

This strategic partnership opens up to new services, such as the “tacho analysis”, temperature-controlledtransport(coldchain), or secure access control to vehicle.

For companies in time-pressured industries, moving from stage-gate processes to lean and concurrent efforts help to shorten development timelines and have end-to-end visibility of the supply chain. The integration between Tesisquare and Telepass allows the easy exchange of real-time information so efficient and visibility run in parallel, to have under control all the processes and take quick decision to monitor and respond to external events.

Visibility, collaboration & technological trends support shippers and carriers in their needshelping leading companies reduce risks and costs throughout the supply chain,take control of KPIs, as well as improve customer relations and services.

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