Tempur Sealy Cyberattack


The modus operandi of cyber criminals is to affect business up-time and service availability. By disrupting the company’s operations, cyber criminals can impact the financials of an organisation, as well as cause long-term brand damage if orders are delayed or at worse cancelled.

On a more positive note, Tempur Sealy did have procedures in place to contain the cyber incident. By implementing cyber response plans, Tempur Sealy has been able to get critical IT systems back online, which will ultimately mitigate the potential negative impact the attack could have had on the organisations reputation. Network segmentation, as an example, allows security teams to rapidly locate malware, limit its movement, and ultimately reduce the potential impact of an attack.

This should be a lesson to all organisations to have security measures and controls in place. Being proactive when it comes cybersecurity can be the difference between a business quickly recovering from a cyberattack or not.