The Best-In Class Bar Code Reader Gets Better With Three New Upgrades


Bologna, February 28th, 2014 – Datalogic’s Matrix 300™ image-based based bar code reader is now equipped with new features that secure its position as the most cost-effective, compact and robust solution available on the market today. The new technology upgrades for the Matrix 300™ address the market needs for identification in general manufacturing, automotive and electronics production, and general machines in packaging lines and automated warehousing.

Reduce Cost.
PROFINET-IO on-board achieves maximum compactness of the mechanical installation and allows for easier installation and integration into existing systems through data transmission over PROFINET.
Liquid Lens Dynamic Focus Control increases the reading area and depth of field, as well as the working distance, while maintaining the cost-effective design.

Solve Space Restriction Challenges.
Matrix 300™’s wide Field of View 6mm Lens allows for external focus position control-the perfect solution for applications with space restrictions or those that require close reading distances.