The five ways Elite distinguishes itself from the crowd in providing modern apprenticeships


A Modern Apprenticeship is a programme which allows people to gain an industry-recognised qualification at the same time as they are earning a wage. It combines practical skills and theoretical knowledge with hands on training relevant to a particular industry and job role.

For employers, modern apprenticeships help develop their workforce by bringing on new staff, and upskilling existing employees to meet business needs while reducing training and recruitment costs.

It is so much of a win-win for employers that in many cases the most crucial decision is which training provider to use, out of the myriad offerings on the market, in order to help future-proof their businesses.

To help make informed choices, here are five ways in which Glasgow-based Elite Modern Apprenticeships Scotland, trusted partner of a wide range of private and public service organisations, differs from other apprenticeship providers.


Funding is accessed through  Skills Development Scotland for eligible Modern Apprenticeships in IT, in which Elite specialises, in three different age ranges – from16 to 19, 20 to 24 and 25 plus. It is not uncommon for providers to offer free training for the younger group, but to charge substantially for older learners – in some cases up to £4,500 on top of funding provision.

In contrast, Elite utilises SDS funding across all age ranges to ensure that a client contribution for IT training is not required, and the consequent upskilling will have no detrimental effect on budgets.

Because Elite has been delivering IT solutions for the past 15 years and has a unique suite of in-house resources, it is able to direct the entirety of available funding into the learner journey. This is a direct consequence of its strategic policy of accepting small margins in return for sustained long-term relationships.


Many providers’ base offering is an SVQ with the units only, and any other enhancements are billable to the employer.

As an official vendor through the parent company Elite Training & Consultancy, Elite MA Scotland offers a vast number of added value training opportunities free of charge, such as Office365, Azure, Excel, Cybersecurity, Networks as well as regular half-day instructor led sessions in subjects such as Teams, SharePoint, Social Media Marketing, Excel, all as part of the learning programme.

It also brings together learners in disparate sectors, allowing them to interact, share their journey and gain a wider range of knowledge and experience.


Training regimes differ, but many offer a one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf solution which is set in stone and takes little or no account of the differing circumstances and aspirations of the learner.

Elite MA Scotland tailors each individual candidate’s programme not only around the job role to which he or she aspires but also to career and future promotion ambitions. It also considers the organisation’s overarching needs, and the benefits for the candidate, the employer and the teams involved. It works with candidates and the employer to obtain a holistic understanding of what is required to deliver a great team member.


Other providers which offer a units-only course can be indifferent to the simple human fact that an apprenticeship can be a lonely experience, especially for younger people who are feeling their way on a career path.

For this reason, Elite Training has created its own Apprentice Knowledge Hub, to bring learners together to discuss resources, trainers, feedback and the entire apprentice community, while sharing peer-to-peer information and experience is encouraged via the Knowledge Hub Community Chat. The Hub has comprehensive resources which includes links to relevant articles.


While providers focus on their standard training, IT remains in a state of constant change and many enterprises have little resource for keeping technology learning up to date, far less for looking ahead.

With years of experience in a technology field which has been in a constant state of flux throughout that time, Elite MA Scotland has its finger on the pulse of all major software updates, including Microsoft, Amazon and Cisco, allowing it to adapt instantly in a way others simply cannot. Employers can be assured that their trainees are aware of all the latest advances.