The MedTech Strategy – It’s vital that proven technologies are adopted nationwide


We’re pleased to see that the highly-anticipated MedTech Strategy has finally been published. The strategy outlines the importance of game-changing innovations and takes forward the important lessons we learnt from the pandemic, such as increasing uptake of proven medical technologies in our health service to boost efficiency.

The strategy has heavily outlined the significance of healthtech companies in supporting and developing efficient-working across the NHS framework, so this is a welcomed step from the Government. It is good to see the Government recognising the value of accelerating adoption of innovative products, especially when they improve clinical, operational, and financial outcomes.

It’s vital for the long-term success of the NHS that proven technologies, those that demonstrate improved clinician and patient experience, along with operational and financial system benefits, are speedily – yet safely – adopted nationwide. This will make a huge difference for a whole host of sectors, including cardiology.