The simple things will save Christmas shopping


Retailers need to approach with caution as supply chain issues, labour shortages and the new variant continue to disrupt the industry. They must not play into the ‘shortage urgency’ to drive sales. Feeding anxiety may get people to buy in the short-term but it does not create a basis of trust for a longer-term relationship. The key to inspiring brand loyalty is by meeting the consumer’s needs with great experiences, every single time.

Promotions need to be planned with products that are in good supply. Not those that are in high demand with a limited supply. A good customer experience can make brand loyalty – but a bad one can just as easily break it. Broken promises can mean the difference between a customer returning to re-purchase time and time again, or never coming back.

If problems do arise that can’t always be helped, retailers should look to promote other products by affinity. If a product is out of stock, now is the chance to offer a similar option that is available. Even if the customer doesn’t take it, they will appreciate the recommendation and won’t feel like they’ve been left at a dead-end in their journey.

Everything a retailer does should be focused on how they make the customer feel, and not about selling a certain number of products. That’s the difference between the retailers that will thrive moving forward, and those that will fall flat if customer frustrations continue.