The Top 5 Breach and Attack Simulation Tools Listed


Breach and attack simulation is a sophisticated cybersecurity testing method that’s used by organisations to identify potential vulnerabilities and defend their systems against cyberattacks. Breach and attack (BAS) tools simulate malware attacks in real-time and offer remedy guidance to their users. In this article, we list the best BAS tools on the market right now. Read on!


SafeBreach is a cybersecurity provider based in California, US. The company is renowned for offering BAS services, which allow firms to see their security position from an attacker’s perspective. Along with that, SafeBreach’s breach and attack simulation tool can monitor infiltration and predict attacks.

Another great thing about SafeBreach is that it constantly updates its tools and procedures to identify vulnerabilities. Furthermore, it can be integrated with several security management tools on the market. All in all, SafeBreach is one of the best breach simulation tools for both enterprises and mid-size businesses.


Detectify is one of the top breach and attack simulation tools out there. It employs the latest technology to identify vulnerabilities in an organisation’s applications. With Detectify’s fuzzing engine, firms are able to carry out highly advanced security tests and procedures. Then the Detectify crawler scans multiple applications for in-depth findings in just a few minutes.

Some of the many vulnerabilities detected by this tool are SQL injections, encryption misconfigurations and authentication flaws. Detectify is widely used by online casino platforms and other businesses to test administration controls and several other functionalities.


Cymulate is a BAS tool that’s known for instant threat warnings, so organizations can detect and minimise the impact of attacks before they take place. Other cybersecurity services that come with this tool include email security, data exfiltration and phishing evaluations.

With Cymulate, the possibility of getting false positives is almost zero. Also, the installation of Cymulate doesn’t require any special hardware. So, enterprises can easily implement this BAS tool in no time. Furthermore, Cymulate allows users to generate in-depth reports and the tool can be run periodically without interfering with the business’s day-to-day operations.

XM Cyber

XM Cyber is a leading cybersecurity firm that is renowned for offering top-notch BAS services. With XM Cyber’s Attack Path Management platform, businesses can monitor their infrastructure from an attacker’s perspective and identify vulnerabilities in real time. As with other top BAS tools, XM Cyber can run indefinitely without interfering with business operations.

Along with identifying vulnerabilities, XM Cyber also provide perspective remedy guidance to its users. If multiple vulnerabilities are found, this BAS tool gives them a risk score so enterprises can first fix the ones with the highest risk. Businesses wanting to check out this BAS tool can request a free demo online.


SCYTHE is a BAS tool that shows where an enterprise stands in terms of risk exposure. With SCYTHE’s unsophisticated workflow, enterprises can simulate a real-world threat campaign. Besides, the tool allows you to evaluate security measures for different applications simultaneously.

SCYTHE comes with an easy-to-use interface. So, uploading and distributing files to endpoints is a seamless process for SCYTHE users. What makes this BAS tool stand out in the fact that it offers a Software Development Kit that developers can use to create custom codes in Python or any other native language. Businesses wanting to try this tool can schedule a demo on the SCYTHE website.