Tompkins Robotics Recognized as Leader in Sortation Technology for Global Autonomous Mobile Robot Market


Tompkins Robotics, a leading global provider of autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solutions, is recognized as the leading AMR vendor for sortation technology in Interact Analysis’ Mobile Robot Market Report.

The report, “The Mobile Robot Market”, led by Ash Sharma and Jan Zhang, highlights the “robust growth for mobile robots with revenues reaching $18 billion in 2025.” Sortation growth has surpassed that of the previous year and is expected to continue accelerating due to changing buying habits, higher returns, and the proliferation of e-commerce.

“The advantage of sortation AMRs is that they can be easily scaled to cope with heightened growth and demanding peak seasons,” said Mike Futch, president and CEO of Tompkins Robotics. “Their ability to be seamlessly used in conjunction with other goods-to-person and person-to-goods systems leads to a lower CapEx and faster ROIs for customers.”

Download the findings, compliments of Tompkins Robotics, here. Tompkins Robotics is focused on the robotic automation of distribution operations to maximize performance with mobile, scalable, flexible, and portable solutions.

Additional insights from the report, written by Interact Analysts Sharma and Zhang include:

  • “The mobile robot market grew substantially in 2020 despite the delays in commissioning and postponement of projects due to the pandemic. Shipments grew by more than 25% with nearly 60,000 AGVs and AMRs shipped in 2020.”
  • “Labor scarcity has perhaps never been so acute. Warehouses job openings are at an all time high despite high unemployment levels. E-commerce companies such as Amazon are having to offer higher wages and even signing-on bonuses to attract staff. This remains a major driver for mobile robot adoption.”
  • “Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) growth was notably higher than that for AGVs in 2020. AGVs tend to be used in larger projects which faced greater delays and project postponements. AMRs on the other hand typically involve less CapEx, shorter installation times (and hence less disruption) and greater scalability.”

Tompkins Robotics award-winning primary AMR solution, tSort, sorts a wide range of items and parcels to consolidation points, optimizing client distribution performance and capabilities. Recently, Kmart Australia deployed Tompkins Robotics tSort mobile automation to support its distributed logistics network in the height of spiking demands. The wealth of benefits for retail replenishment from this solution also include:

  • Rapid deployment: This allows for faster installation between peak seasons for minimal disruption to operations
  • Low capital investment: The tSort solutions cost approximately half the cost of large tilt tray or crossbelt sorters and additional robots
  • Scalable & portable: All elements and robots can be easily added, removed or relocated at any time to meet changing demands
  • Wide range of capabilities & applications: tSort processes a wide variety of products and packages in many different environments and applications

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