Top Ten Business Benefits of Unified Communications


Effective internal communication is crucial to the success of any firm. So it’s important to provide teams with resources like user provisioning tools to ease communication among them.

All levels of an organization need clear lines of communication. In this way, they get their jobs done and reach their objectives.

Unified communications allow you to rely on services that provide everything you need to communicate in one place. From text to online conferences, unified communication improves both communication and UX. 

By leveraging unified communication, businesses can enhance internal communication and boost output. Read on to learn more.  

Benefits of User Provisioning Tools For Unified Communications

Here are a few benefits of unified communications and ways it might assist your business’s growth.

1. Enhanced Productivity

Teams and operations which use unified communications avoid as much as 14.6 percentage points of downtime.

According to a study by Forrester, unified communication enables businesses to expect to see weekly savings of between 1.10 and 8.00 hours per user. It will improve collaboration, information sharing, and meeting efficiency. Unified communications speed up the decision-making process within an organization. So it can boost operational efficiency and business outcomes.

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2. Effortless Coordination

You lose time while working on projects due to the constant need to send information and files back and forth. When you enable user provisioning tools, it takes less time to complete these tasks. It is because the relevant data is accessible in a single window.

With unified communications, workers can coordinate their efforts without any hiccups. Teamwork features are important to help people work together in real time, even when they can’t meet face-to-face. A good example would be a field sales representative. Using unified communication, your team will have no trouble working together. All updates will be visible instantly in provisioning tools.

3. Cloud-Based Adaptability

Expanding your operations with a cloud-based unified communications system is simple. It doesn’t need a considerable upfront investment, even as your business’s needs evolve. It delivers automated user provisioning.  Automated provisioning tools decrease the on-site need for the maintenance of physical gear. As a result, the company is able to reallocate allocated resources in a more effective manner.

4. Keeps Remote Workers Connected

In today’s world, working remotely is becoming prevalent day by day. Unified communications provides employees with enterprise-grade security while they work off-site. This ensures that the company’s data remains safe.

Adopting a comprehensive unified communications plan offers flexibility and mobility within your organization. It allows employees to communicate in the manner that suits them best. Additionally, unified communications cut the necessity for a particular device or location. It gives users a seamless experience across desktop and mobile platforms.

5. Spend Less On Communications

You’re likely spending a disproportionate amount of money if you’re still using landlines. A unified communications platform relies completely on internet connectivity. A Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) API from Plivo will allow seamless integration with other systems. The money you save from making the change will come in many forms.

To begin with, there will be no need to install or upgrade any kind of hardware or server infrastructure. Second, adding new users needs a service call and can be done directly from your dashboard. The third benefit is that it will fix your monthly expenses rather than fluctuate, making it easier to plan finances.

6. Grow At Your Own Pace

Unified communications also have the added benefit of being easy to scale up as your organization expands. This is neither quick nor simple to do with conventional telephone technology. It will need a considerable financial outlay. With provisioning software, all forms of communication will unify under a single user interface. You will find it simpler to add new members and new capabilities as needed.

7. Reduce The Complexity of IT Operations

Organizational UC deployment and upkeep are under IT operations. And IT staff should run UC operations in a way that meets communication needs. This may seem daunting. But, automated provisioning benefits of unified communications reduce the associated challenges.

Many UC operations are automated with algorithms, so you need fewer human interactions. It uses industry-recognized security best practices and algorithms to protect the company’s database.  UC prevents intrusions and malware attacks and safeguards against lost information.

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8. Improve Cyber Defences

With unified communications, integrating new applications is as simple as plugging a few cables. Integrating security fixes and keeping users compliant requires little effort from IT professionals. The IT department can put in place security policies uniformly across all virtual workplaces.

The security elements of the UC may be provisioning automation with little human involvement. It allows businesses to feel safe from viruses and cyberattacks. When it comes to keeping your data safe, you can use the built-in safeguards or bring in extra security software.  

9. Raise The Bar On Customer Service

Organizations can use UC in several ways. All these ways help them serve their customers better. UC’s suite of available applications helps with various means of communication.  There are various communication channels available for customers to choose from. Which one they go for depends on their specific requirements

You can set up external and internal contact with other parties using audio, video, file sharing, screen sharing, and other choices with UC. It doesn’t restrict its callers to straightforward phone calls. In times of crisis, customers can rely on technical assistance to resolve their issues and experience little downtime.

Users are given the independence and options they need to conduct business as they see fit. The UC services are private, reliable, and cost-effective. This ensures that your sensitive customer information is safe at all times.

10. Facilitates A More Responsive Team

It is crucial that team members work quickly and efficiently together. This helps increase response times, service, and, ultimately, customer happiness. When everyone on a team has access to the same unified communication platform, they will always be working together. It’s easy for others in the team to respond to any question that’s brought up.   


Many companies are employing a mobile workforce in different locations worldwide with UC. It is one way to expand a company’s reach and establish a presence in previously uncharted territories. 

Unified communications can significantly improve your ability to communicate and work together. Gain an edge over the competition and speed up the expansion of your entire business with the support of this unified platform. It’s a low-priced strategy that will be provisioning users with the potential for a high ROI.