TradeBeyond & RESET Carbon Partner to Reduce Supply Chain Carbon Emissions


TradeBeyond, the leader in extended supply chain management solutions for private label and branded merchandise, has announced a partnership with carbon management consulting services provider RESET Carbon to help brands and retailers dramatically reduce carbon emissions in their supply chains.

TradeBeyond and RESET Carbon’s partnership introduces a complete solution to environmental management. TradeBeyond will deliver an innovative environmental management SaaS offering that substantially eases the work involved in measuring, monitoring, and improving their suppliers environmental performances. Leveraging TradeBeyond’s SaaS platform, RESET Carbon will providenconsulting services to assist retailers and brands to drive improvements across their supply chains.

The initial release of this new carbon emissions solution, targeted for a Q3 release, will focus on the management and reduction of Scope 3 carbon emissions generated during the complete production process. These include emissions attributed to direct and indirect energy consumption, industrial wastewater, and refrigerant-based emissions. In response to tightening ESG regulations, this new offering not only streamlines the collection of environmental data but also helps brands and retailers assess individual factory performance and identify opportunities for improvements through dashboards and the use of artificial intelligence.

“With laws across the globe requiring thorough ESG disclosures by 2030 and leading businesses committed to reducing their environmental footprints, the need for a practical solution to environmental management could not be more urgent,” said TradeBeyond CEO Michael Hung. “We’re proud to partner with RESET Carbon to introduce the most complete and efficient service to supply chain decarbonization.”

Following the initial release, TradeBeyond and RESET Carbon will expand their partnership to help brands and retailers manage water, waste and chemical management.

“We’re happy to collaborate with TradeBeyond to further our mission to help businesses do their part in solving the environmental crisis by making meaningful carbon reductions,” said RESET Carbon CEO and Founder Liam Salter. “TradeBeyond’s multi-enterprise platform introduces data transparency and collaboration that will help ensure the success of carbon action plans and drive value for both buyers and suppliers alike.”

As carbon emissions have emerged as one of retailers’ most pressing sustainability concerns, TradeBeyond’s RESET Carbon partnership provides a blueprint for companies to quickly and efficiently deliver on their ESG objectives.

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