Traffic simulation for the automotive industry: PTV Vissim for Linux users


PTV Vissim, the world’s leading traffic simulation software from PTV Group, is now also available for the Linux operating system: PTV Vissim Kernel is aimed primarily at users from the automotive industry.

PTV Vissim Kernel provides detailed and realistic simulations of the entire traffic environment, including the movements and interaction of different road users and modes of transport. Innovative concepts and services such as shared mobility, mobility-as-a-service and autonomous driving can be evaluated and verified in a virtual environment.

In the automotive industry such simulations play an important role in a variety of areas. For example, in the development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), technologies, and algorithms related to connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs); and in testing for vehicles’ compliance with emission regulations.

The subscription-based solution supports high performance computing (HPC) and can be easily integrated with other systems and co-simulation tools, such as IPG Automotive’s CarMaker or Hexagon/MSC’s Virtual Test Drive (VTD). It thus provides the ideal environment to execute large numbers of simulation runs in parallel.

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New Global Platform: PTV Drive-In

On February 16, the company will launch PTV Drive-In, a new global platform aimed at connecting the automotive industry’s traffic simulation professionals with free online events. The first edition will focus on Scenario-Based Virtual Validation. The presentation will be led by Henning Lategahn, CEO of Atlatec GmbH, a company specialized in building maps for autonomous vehicles. He will introduce the topic of ADAS and CAV simulations and show how to get the best results out of them.

Interested parties can register for free here: