Transporeon rolls out its Carbon Visibility tool globally enabling all customers to track carbon emissions


After successful Alpha and Beta stages, Transporeon – Europe’s leading Transportation Management Platform – rolls out its pioneering Carbon Visibility tool to all customers worldwide. Through an automatic update on the Transporeon platform, every Transporeon customer will now have access to functionality that can transparently and efficiently measure, reduce, report and benchmark the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from their transports. This value-added service is provided as an integral part of all transports executed and processed via Transporeon and is accessible to all customers on our platform

Any transports from 3rd party sources can also be uploaded to the platform in order to have all global transports reported in a single source of the truth. Transporeon’s Carbon Visibility dashboard calculates CO2 emissions across all modalities and transport flows.

The benefits of Transporeon’s Carbon Visibility Dashboard include:

  • An holistic 4-step approach enables measuring, benchmarking, reducing and reporting in parallel
  • Calculation builds on real-time and primary data, making Transporeon the first provider of primary data for CO2 calculation on the market at large scale
  • An interactive dashboard and actionable insights in one application
  • Automated measurement of Scope 3 emissions well-to-wheel, bottom-up, transport by transport, fully compliant with the GLEC framework

“The accurate tracking and reporting of current emissions – along with the ability to manage future emissions – is vital to enabling a more sustainable supply chain. For quick progress on the road to climate-neutral commercial transport, digitalisation will be a game-changer”, says Transporeon’s CEO Stephan Sieber. “All our customers require visibility on their carbon emissions, with the addition of this vital feature we’re giving all customers in our network the ability to make smarter, ‘greener’ decisions based on real-time, accurate data”.

More information on the dashboard can be found here: