Transporeon strengthens its international ocean visibility capabilities through the acquisition of Logit One


As adoption of in-transit visibility has become a must-have, the focus has mainly been on outbound transportation visibility, improving customer satisfaction and delivery accuracy. The next phase for customers is to build a complete End-to-End supply chain visibility, expanding coverage of inbound visibility across multimodal tracking. Connecting transport execution to multimodal visibility across Ocean, Road, and Air is when transportation gets in sync with the world, and the real value is unlocked.

    • Bringing in Logit One, an industry technology leader of Ocean visibility and end-toend multimodal planning capabilities in real time enables Transporeon’s mission of bringing transportation in sync with the world. This is achieved through the execution of predictive transportation across multiple modes enabled through high accuracy and global coverage of its in-transport visibility network.

    • Logit One’s technology will be immediately made available to all existing Transporeon customers and prospects. It serves as a perfect extension of the established Transporeon Sixfold Visibility and Tracking portfolio.

Transporeon is continuing to build up the most powerful visibility network in the world, delivering predictive transportation across multiple modes. The acquisition of Logit One expands the Transporeon Sixfold Visibility and Tracking offering across Ocean. It makes Transporeon the only company to provide an execution platform with an integrated multimodal visibility offering. For clients, the integration of Logit One represents a major development in transport visibility and predictive transportation across all modes.

Stephan Sieber, CEO of Transporeon: “Expanding our visibility offering to Ocean is the logical next step. It shows our continued commitment to combining visibility with execution. This willenable our customers to continuously improve their operations and open a whole new set of innovation potentials to all of us! We are excited to welcome the Logit One family to Transporeon.”

Integrating the Logit One solution into Europe’s largest network of shippers and carriers will generate important scaling effects. This means that all parties to the Transporeon platform can enjoy far greater transparency than any individual visibility solution could offer. Logit One will be a great extension to Transporeon Sixfold currently monitoring over 500 million euros worth of goods in real-time every day for customers in 40+ countries with 25 languages.

“Shippers and forwarders are facing huge dynamics in the ocean transport system and international transportation needs to become greener, more agile, and responsive. Through this acquisition, Transporeon’s customers will be able to expand the scope of their transportation visibility to international movements and to synchronize ocean and overland transportation. We are very excited about this step because we share a common vision and this will bring our solutions to a worldwide market,” says Frank Knoors, CEO of Logit One.

Transporeon’s one-platform approach ensures all users instantly benefit from the integration of new functionalities and services. Existing Transporeon customers will automatically benefit from the integration of the Ocean Visibility data feed into their transport planning and execution. The Transporeon platform includes a bird’s-eye view control tower of all their shipments across modes. Furthermore, additional multimodal planning functionalities will help to utilize the available capacity and reduce the environmental impact.

The Transporeon logistics platform is a 360° logistics services platform, and not only a standalone in-transit visibility provider. The strength of the Platform lies within its unique services supporting the customers’ complete transport lifecycle demands. Transporeon’s services include Market intelligence, freight procurement, planning and execution, tracking/proof of delivery, visibility, and freight audit. All the above are built on the world’s
largest road carrier network. With the addition of Logit One, Transporeon significantly strengthens its services across all transport modes.

“As a well-known and recognized provider of global 4PL solutions we offer our clients with visibility and transparency in their supply chain in order to keep in control and to react fast on exceptions. For us, the future of logistics service providers comes from analyzing data, moving from reactive to proactive to predictive. We believe that logistics is not only finding the cheapest solution but also the most reliable, the fastest, and the greenest. Our partnership with Logit One is an important building block to achieve this. Their visibility solution gives us the tools to achieve superior service for our customers and even for our customers’ customers,” says Amaury Luycks, Managing Director of Polytra NV (part of Fracht Group).