Transport & shipping beware – supply chains under attack


The transportation and shipping sector is vital for businesses and countries to manage supply both within and across borders. We’re increasingly seeing critical infrastructure like this targeted by cybercriminals, as the impact of a successful attack can be particularly widespread and disruptive. Our research shows that the transportation and shipping industry is now at high risk, having emerged as one of the most targeted sectors globally.

From a nation-state perspective, we can see the transportation and shipping industry has been the most impacted by APT-group-led campaigns, accounting for over a quarter (27%) of attacks. The sector has also become a prime target for ransomware campaigns, comprising almost a third (31%) of detected attacks – second only to the telecoms sector which was impacted by just under half (47%) of the ransomware activity observed.

It’s now all the more crucial for transportation and shipping organisations to bolster their defences if they are to successfully defend against increasingly sophisticated attacks. By implementing a living security architecture that can readily mould and adapt to emerging threats, organisations can better mitigate against attacks – protecting their supply chains and avoiding widescale disruption.