Transportation Insight Partners with Comar to Manage Rising Transportation Costs


Transportation Insight, a leader in Enterprise Logistics solutions and services for the end-to-end supply chain, announces that it is partnering to manage rising transportation costs and standardize shipping processes throughout multiple facilities for Comar, a premier packaging, device and component supplier innovating solutions for customers who lead the way to a healthier world. Transportation Insight’s Enterprise Logistics solutions will optimize carrier relationships, improve efficiencies throughout Comar’s supply chain and protect the organization’s reputation for meeting customer expectations and demand.

“Over the years, Comar has grown substantially through acquisitions with each acquired company bringing their own list of carriers and shipping challenges,” says Joe Heinlein, VP Procurement, Comar. “With multiple facilities, we were looking to standardize our shipping processes, and we felt Transportation Insight had the tools and experience to integrate the various supply chain networks to manage rising costs while improving customer experiences.”

Comar provides innovative and industry-compliant, rigid plastic solutions for the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Healthcare, Personal & Home Care, Food & Beverage and other niche markets. Its manufacturing footprint includes eight facilities within the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Transportation Insight will centralize transportation management operations for Comar with Insight TMS®, enabling collaboration and optimization of shipping operations with complete visibility from end-to-end.

Insight TMS provides business intelligence reporting for optimal mode selection, carrier cost vs. service levels, in-transit tracking and more. Driven by historical information within the TMS related to shippers, suppliers and carriers, Transportation Insight will also bring granular visibility on key performance indicators to drive change and improve decision-making for Comar.

Comar will utilize Transportation Insight’s solutions for Rate Procurement, Contract Management, Transport Execution and Carrier Optimization to mitigate transportation costs with proven processes that increase operational efficiency, visibility and service levels. Freight Bill Audit and Payment will free up administrative staff with automated processes that track payments, shipments and claims. Transportation Insight’s bundled Enterprise Logistics solutions integrate freight bill payment and audit, transportation management, carrier sourcing and business intelligence reporting to help offset inflationary input costs for Comar.

Insight TMS allows end-to-end supply chain visibility that helps Comar improve transportation decision making at the local level, resulting in optimal cost to serve and customer experience while complying with operational constraints. At the same time, that comprehensive visibility positions Comar executive leaders to ensure decisions are made with the right strategies in place. For repeatable decisions, Comar leadership can identify and address challenges more specifically.

For example, Insight TMS improves least-cost carrier sourcing and helps identify where processes can improve to fulfill expectations for Just-In-Time deliveries and protect cost to serve. Further, with supply chain visibility, Comar can recognize geographical shipping trends and leverage improved transportation strategies, such as multi-stop truck load shipments, to deliver better customer service at the lowest possible cost.

“Our reputation for quality has made us a market leader in our industry, and our commitment to continuous improvement results in sustainable growth for the business and great experiences for our customers,” says
Abdul Ahad, Procurement Manager, Comar. “We know this partnership with Transportation Insight will enhance our customer value proposition and best-in-class customer service.”