TT Electronics / Zap Carbon collaboration shortlisted for IoT Social Impact Award


Woking, UK, 8 February 2022 – TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered technologies for performance critical applications, today announced the company has been shortlisted, along with ZapCarbon, for the IoT Social Impact Award. The companies’ collaborative effort to address fuel poverty – the ZapCarbon Healthy Home Sensor – is among ten products chosen as finalists for their use of IoT to build a better world. Voting is open to the public through 18 February; the winner will be announced on 1 March 2022.

According to the UK government’s latest fuel poverty report, there are over 3 million households living in fuel poverty with a high proportion of these in social housing. People can struggle to afford continuous heat, and living in cold conditions can cause a multitude of health problems. Ventilation is often inadequate, allowing unhealthy levels of humidity to build; this is exacerbated in cases where families or several people live and sleep in the same room to keep rental and energy costs to a minimum. Mould then forms, often unremedied for months or even years. The combination of low temperature, high humidity, and mould spores can negatively impact health, especially in children or those that are immunocompromised.

The Healthy Homes Sensor, developed in partnership between TT Electronics and ZapCarbon, brings to the mass market a simple yet highly effective solution to a widespread problem in social housing communities around the world. The combination of environmental innovation from ZapCarbon coupled with the electronics technology and IoT expertise from TT Electronics is delivering real social impact and change where it is needed most.

“Being shortlisted for this prestigious award acknowledges the meaningful efforts we’ve made alongside ZapCarbon to help thousands of residents achieve a healthier home,” said Tim Clayton, VP Sales, TT Electronics. “We knew the significant value IoT-powered monitoring could have on social housing’s humidity challenge and designed a solution to help keep residents warm, safe, and healthy while offering a preventative maintenance solution that would keep housing associations accountable and compliant.”

Data from the Healthy Homes Sensor is continually analysed for any unusual patterns within the home, providing real-time feedback that alerts residents and social housing associations or landlords to unhealthy conditions. Over 10,000 Healthy Home Sensors are currently deployed in social housing residences in London, UK, with wider interest expanding rapidly.

View information on the TT Electronics-enabled ZapCarbon Healthy Home Sensor and vote for the IoT Social Impact Award by 18 Feb 2022.

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