TTI Europe Saves More Than 10 Hours Per Day With ProGlove


The ProGlove smart glove scanner has been in use for a number of years at TTI Europe, based in Maisach near Munich. Since deploying the ProGlove barcode scanners, the electronics distributor has unlocked multiple productivity efficiencies through its ergonomic handling, reliability and robust industrial design. Overall, the time saved due to the introduction of streamlined barcode scanning exceeds ten hours per day.

The setup at TTI for its outgoing goods includes more than 8,000 order lines with 4,000 parcels and 100 pallets per day – with 250 pallets of incoming goods per day. With every process of its setup controlled by barcodes, it’s clear to see the significance of barcode scanning at TTI Europe. Due to this complex setup, TTI Europe has always been keen to explore ideas and solutions that would deliver valuable improvements and efficiencies to its operations.

ProGlove was first introduced to TTI in 2016; “On my way to work I heard about the smart glove scanner in a radio report,” says Michaela Fritz, Director Business Solutions. “The solution made sense right away because it addressed many of our challenges. So I took a closer look with our IT department about it and then immediately approached ProGlove”.

Prior to engaging with ProGlove, TTI had relied on conventional mobile barcode scanners. However, the limitations of this technology were considerable right from the start. The scanners first had to be picked up before each scan and then put down again. Moreover, no satisfactory solution could be found for certain areas. For example, employees operate up to four lean lifts per order. But this requires a level of flexibility that cannot be guaranteed with traditional mobile scanners. In addition, the reliability of the mobile scanners was usually not up to standard, because they were not designed for the rough use in the warehouse and quickly suffered irreparable damages.

The ProGlove palm scanner presented a completely different approach: Not only did the rugged industrial design withstand the demanding environment, but it was also perfectly compatible with the warehouse situation as a whole. Employees always carry their scanner on a glove or cuff, depending on their personal preference. If required, they can trigger it at the touch of a button and can also easily log on to a new workstation via the access point and an encrypted radio connection, or via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This not only keeps workers’ hands free at all times, but also eliminates the inefficiencies and restrictions of the old systems.

The project started with a ProGlove test installation, which was quickly accepted and appreciated by the employees. Gradually the other terminals were then equipped with ProGlove’s solution. Today, there are 150 ProGlove systems in use at TTI Europe in the warehouse and shipping department. The smart glove has delivered a rapid return on investment for TTI. Given the 8,000 order lines that are required to be scanned, the time saved should exceed ten hours per day.

“ProGlove has paid for itself incredibly quickly”, Michaela Fritz sums up with satisfaction. “The device is also easy to handle, reliable in use and, above all, more durable than many of the conventional mobile solutions that we often had to replace after only six months.”