Ultraport’s Punta Arenas Goes Live with Octopi by Navis


Octopi, part of Navis and Cargotec Corporation, the provider of operational technologies and services that unlock greater performance and efficiency for leading organizations throughout the global shipping industry, announced today that Ultraport’s Punta Arenas location has gone live with Octopi by Navis, making it the southernmost terminal operating on Octopi in the world.

To further its mission to establish excellence across the terminals it operates, Ultraport selected Octopi as the TOS for its Punta Arenas location, as part of an investment in innovative technology to modernize its terminal operations. Punta Arenas, which currently handles over 400,000 tons of cargo and operates at 30,000 TEU annually, was still performing on a manual system and needed to upgrade its TOS to optimize workflow, increase visibility and enhance operations. Despite setbacks due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Navis and Ultraport teams worked together to complete the project on schedule via remote assistance. After the implementation was complete, Punta Arenas has become the first terminal in Chile with a cloud-based TOS and has already seen the benefits of a more up to date system.

“We are very proud of the work both our team and the Octopi by Navis team have accomplished together to complete this project initiated earlier this year,” said Nelson Ojeda, Branch Manager at Ultraport Punta Arenas. “We needed to upgrade our business practices and processes to prioritize safety and increase visibility for stakeholders to remain competitive. Octopi is helping us reach our goals while allowing us to provide the best service possible to our customers.”

“We quickly adapted our business practices to meet the needs of our customers when the pandemic hit,” said Martin Bardi, VP Global Sales, Octopi by Navis. “We know they have timelines in place to meet certain business goals and with the dedication of our team and theirs, we are able to provide the support to complete projects on-time while minimizing as many challenges as possible during this unprecedented time. Punta Arenas was a great partner to help us accomplish this and we look forward to continuing to support its operations for years to come.”

For more information visit www.navis.com and www.octopi.co.