Umbraco acquires Outfield Digital

Kim Sneum-Madsen (pictured)
CEO, Umbraco


Odense, Denmark, 4th April 2023, open-source content management system (CMS) provider, Umbraco, has announced that it has acquired UK software company, Outfield Digital, developer of the Vendr ecommerce platform and Konstrukt back-office user interface software.

The acquisition supports Umbraco’s mission to make it easier for companies to combine the most appropriate technologies to create digital experiences tailored to business and customer requirements.

The Umbraco CMS underpins thousands of retail, government, and professional services websites around the world. Umbraco CEO, Kim Sneum-Madsen explains that the acquisition facilitates easy integration of ecommerce and subscription management features offered within the Vendr platform, saying, “Vendr is a powerful commerce offering that is well-integrated and can be added to Umbraco projects where needed.”

Outfield Digital co-founder, Matt Brailsford, is an Umbraco Certified Master who has contributed more than thirty software packages to the Umbraco open-source software community over the past eight years. He has been developing the Vendr ecommerce platform for three years and sees the acquisition as an opportunity to continue working on the popular platform, with the support of a larger engineering team.

Writing on the Outfield blog, Matt Brailsford commented, “Having seen success with Vendr, as well as growing sales for Konstrukt, combining effort with Umbraco’s own growth strategy and new composable DXP focus, made perfect sense.”

Matt and co-founder, Lucy Brailsford, will both join Umbraco, with Lucy becoming part of Umbraco’s Developer Relations team and Matt leading Umbraco’s Commerce Technical Team.

“I’m so excited to be starting my new role as Commerce Technical Team Lead at Umbraco HQ,” said Matt. “I’ll get to continue developing the product I’ve been working so hard on for three years, with additional assistance from the composable DXP team, as well as customer support and sales. Together, I’m confident that we can take commerce in Umbraco to a whole new level.”

Celebrating the acquisition, Umbraco COO, Javier A. Miranda said, “The acquisition of Outfield Digital reflects our intention to support our partners and clients to build better digital experiences with products that integrate seamlessly with the Umbraco platform. We plan to continue to improve our services, through technology integrations, or acquisitions, in support of our DXP strategy.”