Umbraco announces Platinum Partner Programme

Javier Miranda (pictured)
COO, Umbraco


Open-source content management system (CMS) provider, Umbraco, has announced its new platinum partner programme, which supplements the current Registered, Silver and Gold partnerships. The additional tier allows digital agencies that are building enterprise-level digital experiences on Umbraco to access additional resources, incentives and rewards to support their business growth.

Umbraco is the largest open-source .Net CMS in the world. More than quarter of a million developers contribute updates and extensions, backed by a commercial organisation which provides ongoing management of the core CMS.

Since 2005, more than a million professional websites and digital experiences have been built on the Umbraco platform. It is among the top three CMS platforms used by UK public sector organisations, and the primary CMS used by small to medium membership organisations, such as the British Medical Association and the American College of Surgeons.

The need for business agility is driving a shift towards composable digital experience platforms (DXPs). As a result, much larger organisations are selecting Umbraco because, as an open-source platform, it fits into existing tech stacks and provides the flexibility to select and integrate technologies based on evolving requirements. The Umbraco Marketplace, and growing ecosystem of Technology Partners, make it easier to find ready-made packages and technologies that integrate well to extend the core CMS functionality.

The current channel programme has 300 international partners with Registered, Silver and Gold status and 100 Technology Partners who contribute software packages to extend the core CMS. The new Platinum Programme provides additional go-to-market support for partners that offer full Umbraco solutions with an emphasis on building highly-scalable, cloud-native enterprise solutions for end-clients.

Each partnership tier offers training, incremental incentives and rewards, that are designed to promote partners’ performance. Umbraco is keen to ensure that the programme is fully transparent, so that partners have a clear path to growth.

Commenting on the new partner programme, Umbraco COO, Javier Miranda, said, “Our digital agency partners provide the consultancy, design, integrations, and implementations required by end-customers and are core to Umbraco’s business. Our CMS is simple enough to support SMBs and flexible enough to drive enterprise digital experiences and our partner programme needs to reflect that. An increasing number of partners are now building highly-scalable digital experiences on Umbraco Cloud. We want to ensure that partners helping the largest organisations to benefit from Umbraco are provided with the necessary support, so that we can continue to grow together.”

At the point of launch, ten Umbraco partners have achieved platinum partner status, including 4NG, Cantarus, CTI Digital, Digital Wonderlab, Great State, Moriyama, Nexer Digital, Shout Digital, Tangent, and true Digital.

Javier Miranda continues, “Helping partners to build industry-leading digital experiences comes in the form of a DXP ecosystem. Umbraco Marketplace was launched last December, and we’ve already added more than a hundred packages that integrate with Umbraco’s core CMS. We’ve also made two acquisitions this year to power up ecommerce and workflow capabilities. We’re adding the platinum tier to help partners build commercial relationships with end-clients, with a range of supportive resources, including people on the ground in local territories.”

Umbraco offers the following support for its channel partners:

  • Umbraco will support agency partners to win and develop successful commercial relationships with end-clients
  • Umbraco will help end-clients to find the right Umbraco partners to meet their requirements
  • Partners will be included in end-client events
  • Umbraco will build commercial solutions to meet end clients’ needs
  • Simplified integrations support the shift towards composable DXP
  • A new documentation platform launched in November 2022
  • Umbraco Marketplace launched in December 2022
  • Two acquisitions completed in 2023 to power up ecommerce and workflow capabilities
  • Umbraco will continue to develop the product portfolio
  • On-demand online training in Umbraco Fundamentals and Umbraco Cloud
  • Ongoing training, documentation and support
  • 1st and 2nd level support in the main markets, via phone, chat and email
  • Transparent pricing allows partners to predict costs