Umbraco Commerce supports seamless creation of ecommerce sites


Open-source content management system (CMS) provider, Umbraco, has announced the general availability of its ecommerce solution, Umbraco Commerce. The launch comes just three months after the acquisition of Outfield Digital, the company that developed the Vendr ecommerce platform and Konstrukt back-office user interface software.

Three quarters of a million retail, government, and professional websites are built on Umbraco. It was cited as the primary CMS used by medium to large organisations in the UK Membership and Association Sector in last year’s MemberWise Digital Excellence survey. The launch of Umbraco Commerce provides ecommerce and subscription management features that seamlessly integrate with existing Umbraco websites, with full customisation, so that digital agencies can build online stores and tailor them to their clients’ needs.

Umbraco Commerce users can build personalised user journeys and easily keep track of order status using colour-coded labels. Simple dashboards, included in the product, show which promotions, discounts and bundles delivered the highest cart conversion rates, allowing vendors to use reliable sales data to create future campaigns. Vendors can incentivise online customers using the in-built Discount Rules and Rewards, with the flexibility to create their own.

With support for multiple languages, popular payment providers, currencies and tax rates, Umbraco Commerce enables online merchants to initiate, or expand international sales. Merchants can also add their preferred payment providers using the payment API included in the product.

A broad range of APIs plug into Umbraco Commerce to extend and customise functionality.

Commenting on the launch, Filip Bech-Larsen, CTO, Umbraco, said, “Many Umbraco partners take a composable approach and use APIs to integrate specific components that provide ecommerce functionality for their clients. Now they can build highly scalable online stores within the core Umbraco 12 product, while still retaining the flexibility to create customised digital experiences. Umbraco Commerce makes it easier for organisations to expand into new markets and deliver seamless online shopping experiences in their customers’ local language and currency.”